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Fillets and skirting boards automatic sorting machinery with accessories

The machine is composed by:

  • Sorting table with neon led light at the entrance
  • Fillets alignment disc
  • Motor-powered transport of piler feeder
  • 3 pneumatic pilers
  • Fillets collection-storage pneumatic pincer
  • Box hollow cutter
  • Control panel
  • Robatech applicator hotmelt concept B
  • Package expulsion rollers L. 1500

The machine is to place at the exit of cut line, where an operator set in codes for the pilers to sort the fillets. Every fillets format has its own code. Overlying pincer collects and transport fillets to the wrap point where the suction cup of the box hollow cutter brings box for the packaging . At this point a mechanical lifter with pneumatic movements wraps the fillets in the box pack with hotmelt fixing, then moves it to the storage area. Every step of the process is controlled electronically by an Omron PLC that permits to set in a mode for every format and proceed with speed and precision at any format change.
Formats: Min 7×40 Max 60×150
Power: 6 Kw
Air consumption: 10 NL