The advent of digital printing has brought to light the importance of tile temperature in that particular production process.

To obtain high-quality prints the tile surface should not be too hot and must not emit vapour or condensation.

The optimal temperature of tile surface depends on the quality of ink and the machine model for digital printing.

The temperature measured on the tile surface in standard applications using digital printing machines, on the contrary, depends on the configuration of the production line, the distance between the digital machine and the drying plant, the speed of the belt conveyor, and last but not least, the dimensional structure of the tile itself.

Sistema di raffreddamento Mistral


Mistral is powered by compressed air, which must always be available in proximity of machines for digital printing.

Dried air is cooled by a special cooler, to temperatures around +2 ° / +4°C and directed towards the tile surface by a set of “air knives” consisting of special silenced low energy consumption nozzles, installed on the belt conveyor in proximity of the entrance of the digital machine.

This flow of cold and dried air drastically reduces the surface temperature of the tile and eliminates the formation of condensation vapours.

A proximity sensor detects the absence of pieces in the line, intercepting the air flow and reducing the operating costs.

The installation is simple and immediate; it is not necessary to stop the production line and results are excellent.

Mistral is not expensive, non-polluting, it has low operating costs and does not require maintenance.